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For over 50 years Yamaha have been creating and developing innovative teaching techniques and courses. Catering for all ages, these courses can be found within Yamaha Music Schools and partnerships worldwide.

Since the opening of the first Yamaha Music School in 1954 in Japan, more than 5 million students have received lessons from over 35,000 teachers at more than 4,500 different locations around the world.

Yamaha wants to encourage all children to discover the music within themselves. Helping develop those that can play, we continually support their musical education through our teaching system and courses.


Music Education System

The Yamaha Music Education system consists of a 10 year systematic curriculum designed for children of pre-school and school age. It is based on an holistic music training approach which provides a special focus to enable children to express their creativity through performance and composition.

Pre-school age children undergo a period of rapid development in acquiring their aural skills. They can easily memorize whatever sounds and words they hear for the first time. Therefore, if they are exposed to a variety of music by listening, singing and playing at this critical point in their lives, they will acquire a fundamental sense of music that is both solid and balanced.

The curriculum of the Yamaha Music Education System is based on a holistic musical training approach with the special focus on emphasizing the creativity of each child through performance and composition.

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